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When creating a publication, you can specify its availability type - "for licensed subscribers". This means that only users with a license received from you will be able to see your publications in TopRate.

On this tab, you can create and manage such licenses.


Community Tab View

  • Button Update – requests actual data from the server.
  • Button Create – opens the license creation window.

Table of profiles for which you created a license to work in your TopRate

  • # - profile identifier in the service.
  • Created – when the profile was created.
  • Mail is the email you licensed.
  • Last login – the time when the profile was last connected to the service.
  • Subscriptions - shows the number of subscriptions from profile accounts
  • Action "Revoke" – allows you to unlink a profile from your TopRate.
  • Important! Open subscriptions to your accounts will not be closed.