Menu :: Common

At the top right of the application is a button to access the main menu.


Menu Appearance

  • Minimize - Minimizes the application window to a narrow strip.
  • min

  • Provider view – hides application elements intended for the subscriber.
  • Subscriber view – hides the application elements intended for the provider.

  • Symbol mapping... – opens a dialog for setting up the translation of the names of provider instruments into current account instruments.
  • See the next section for details.


  • How to connect... – opens help with information on how to connect to the service.
  • how-con

  • What's new... – opens information about changes in the current version.
  • Send feedback... - notify developers about an issue or suggest improvements to the app.
  • feedback

  • MT4/MT5 version... – shows links where you can download the latest versions for the MT terminal.
  • get-mt

  • English, Deutsch, ... - switches the application language.

  • Dark/Light Theme - switches the application's color scheme.

  • Exit - stop and exit the application.