Publication :: Common

If you are a professional trader, then you can earn additional income from investment management by publishing your trading account in TopRate. Once published in TopRate, investors will be able to start copying your trading on signals that you can assign a reward for.


Publication tab view

  • Tab Followers - displays a list of your subscribers. (See Followers for details)
  • Tab Settings - here you can create or change the properties of the publication. (See Changing Settings for details)
  • Button Publish account – publishes the current account in TopRate. (See Create for details)
  • Button Edit - allows you to change the properties of your publication. (See Changing settings for details)
  • Button Cancel publication (appears when your account is published) - removes your account from TopRate and cancels all subscriptions.
  • Link Rules – shows an information window describing the rules of the service

The left side of the screen shows a list of your positions that you send to subscribers. An example screen can be seen in the section Followers.